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To meet another time, 2021
To meet another time, 2021 2
View from the outside
View from the inside

To meet another time, 2021

204 x 135 x 25 cm 

Oil on acetate, plastic and sewing thread

Presented at Somewhere Between Now and Then exhibition, organized by In the Light of day collective.

at Lounge Bar, Lisbon.


This piece shows two hands of two different times. 

One of them is a mark of a previous, no longer present hand, on the window. 

The other one is a hand of a different time. It's present, it spines and moves. 

It dances.


Between the hands there is a drawing of the outside space. On the window.

The outside is reflected on to the drawing, by the glass. 

From the outside it's not possible to see the hanging hand.


From the inside, this drawing tries to guide the view of the window. 

The hanging hand moves around in that space, almost touching the other hand.  

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