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bRuy Coelho + Luisa Gonçalves




Cd cover illustration 

A project by Rui Ramos-Pinto Coelho, music by Ruy Coelho played by Luísa Gonçalves, and improvisation by Luísa Gonçalves (, edition MPMP Património Musical Vivo (, illustration Mónica Coelho (, design A Equipa (


As a complement to the exhibition What was now becomes, at Brotéria, 2022 we organized a concert at Teatro da Trindade to celebrate and divulge the life and work of compuser Ruy Coelho. Later, we invited Luísa Gonçalves to interpret the Promenades Enfantines at Paris, a 1935 piano piece, with an impressionist nature and polytonal moments, and improvised based on it. This CD is the result of that work. 

Cover illustration by Mónica Coelho

Guideline series #5, 2019

Mix media and cianotype on paper  

27 x 22,5 cm


Guideline series, 2019 is project where a group of images play on the idea of blueprints, thinking of guidelines (instructions, laws, or culture), grids, photo versus drawing, unexpected versus planned and expectations versus reality.

From the works of Ruy Coelho, Luísa Gonçalves created six new pieces. In the image a drawing was made guided by photo and later the same photo was added to the image via cyanotype technique. 

In the end both lines, the drawing and the photo, show overlaps chairs. 

Here, the two chairs represent Ruy Coelho and Luísa Gonçalves.

Released October 25, 2023 


5 Minute Retrospective
June 2023
Words by Whataboutvic
At rato ao sol website:

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